Top Stains That Can Plague Your Carpets

No matter how careful you might be, spills and stains are inevitable. This is especially true if there are children or pets in the home. It’s easy for mishaps to happen, leaving your carpets with spills and stains that can be difficult to remove. And some stains are much more difficult to get rid of than others.

Here are some of the more common stubborn stains that can wreak havoc on your carpets, and how to deal with them.

Red Wine or Juice
It’s one thing to spill some water on your carpets. Simply blot the liquid and there’s no harm done. But liquids that have staining power – such as red wine or grape juice – can be a bit more difficult to deal with.

All that dark dye can ruin your carpets, especially if your carpets are light in colour. In order to deal with these spills appropriately, it’s important that the spills are first blotted with a dry, white towel without any rubbing. Applying a drop of dish soap and some water to the area and allowing it to soak can help to remove some of the dye. Then, blotting the area as much as possible is recommended to get it all out.

Pet Urine
If you have a beloved furry friend at home, odds are it will have accidents once in a while. This is especially true when they’re young and being potty trained. Unfortunately, pet urine can ruin a carpet and its under padding if it’s not dealt with right away. Not only that, but the smell that lingers is often hard to eliminate.

When your pet has an accident, all excess moisture needs to be soaked up and cleaned. If the stain has been left to dry, use a cleaning solution that’s designed especially for pet urine. You can also use a white vinegar/water mixture in a spray bottle to be applied to the affected area and left to soak for a few minutes. Then, blot the area until the stain disappears.

Mud can easily get tracked into a home, especially if there are kids or pets around. Like the other stains mentioned, mud can be pretty tough on carpets.

Rather than trying to clean the mud while it is still moist, allow it to dry instead. Then, vacuum any remnants to pick up as much as possible. Use the same mixture of water and a drop of dish soap to remove any stains that may have been left behind.

Call the Experts in Carpet Cleaning
To ensure that all spills and stains are removed effectively and safely, your best bet is to call in the pros. If your carpets have stubborn stains on them, be sure to call A to Z Carpet Cleaning today!